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Ö.article from Selby Times, Selby , North Yorkshire, UK

Brilliant Break was pure Ďblissí

 I feel I would like to get across to your readers about the brilliant holiday we have just had.  Why, I hear you ask, should our holiday be any different from anyone elseís? 

The reason I am writing is due to the fact that it was a major decision on our part to try and take a holiday abroad as my husband Pete, has MS, is wheelchair bound and paralysed from the waist down. He has limited upper body mobility and is registered blind.  He also has a suprapubic catheter and gastrostomy feed peg in situ (your feed company should fly this out free of charge). If thatís not enough he also suffered a broken leg four weeks before our flight!!

We managed to get his full plaster cast off three days before our flight to Cyprus, and he was fitted with a leg brace /hinge to enable him to be seated in the aeroplane.

 When we arrived at C & A Tourist Apartments, Polis, in Cyprus, we couldnít believe what we saw.

My husbandís needs were met on arrival. We hired an electric wheelchair, a hoist a shower chair and wheelie commode!  The bed was raised to make life easier for transferring. Even air mattresses and electric tilting beds could be hired and placed in our room.

The wet room was outstanding Ė lots of space, grab rails for ease of dressing, lowered basins etc for the wheelchair user. This truly is a remarkable set up.

The family are  extremely welcoming and friendly and members will go out of their way to ensure all your needs are met.  The complex is for anyone- families, friends able bodied as well as those who have special needs and requirements.

It makes the less able bodied holidaymaker feel they no longer have to take a back seat.

They can also arrange a carer to help you make the most of the holiday and give the care-giver a little bit of a break too.

My husband actually went into the pool every day as there were many kinds of inflatables etc to assist you in and out of the pool with a hoist, what bliss !!

Why didnít we think of this before?  I know it can take a lot of planning, but why should we have to stay at home for our holidays just  because we feel by having  a disability, no matter how small, we cannot take that extra step to venture a little further a field. We did and Iím so pleased.

If any reader would like to speak to me about our time in Polis, then I will gladly pass on any tips with regard to C & A Tourist Apartments, flights/seats/ taxi, insurance etc that do not over charge for pre-existing medical conditions.

We canít wait to go back!

Dawn and Peter Bailey-Hague, Ulleskelf. baileyhague@yahoo.co.uk 2007

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