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(Sunday, May 14, 2006)

Wheels for hire

If you struggle round the home or are in need of some temporary assistance, a company has opened in Paphos that hires out wheelchairs and other devices for the disabled. JILL CAMPBELL MACKAY reports

THE dictionary definition of the word ‘disabled’ is when someone or something is deprived of power.
Most of us, at some time in our life, will have experienced a temporary disability, having been deprived of the power to walk due to suffering a broken leg, or sprained ankle.

Others, like Chris Neophytou, are permanently disabled and are confined to a wheelchair. It’s this state of long-term immobility that resulted in Chris turning what was a physical catastrophe into a thriving business opportunity.
GC Para-quip was set up by Chris to help others with disabilities, supplying a wide range of specially-designed equipment to help achieve a level of independence both in and outside the home.
But how did it all start?

“I was in my wheelchair waiting in the foyer of a local hotel, when this German tourist asked if I knew anyplace where he could hire a wheelchair for his wife as she had just fallen down on some rocks, twisting her ankle. Sadly, I couldn’t help him, as before this venture began, there was no place you could hire equipment on a temporary basis. That’s when I started to see that I could turn my disability into something that could help others, and, at the same time give me a living.” Chris’ company now offers everything from the hire of manual and electric wheelchairs, shower commode, electric hoists, walkers, and lots of other pieces of equipment that go to making make life that bit easier for the disabled.

“We have also converted our family holiday apartments to become totally accessible for wheelchair users and now welcome tourists from all over Europe who come here, knowing they will not only be well cared for but more importantly, they will be safe and also have a great holiday.”
Chris organizes tours with the help of a specially converted minibus come taxi which is adapted with an electric tail lift, meaning visitors can be collected with ease from the airport and then taken to their holiday apartment. Repairs can also be made on the spot if anyone gets a ‘spoke in their wheels’ and Chris will deliver his equipment all over the island just like any regular hire company.

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